Outdoor Education

The Hong Kong education system is known to be rigid, competitive, and lacking in fostering creativity in students. Many parents understand the problem but also feel pressured to have their child spend their holidays doing extra homework and academic courses. While fostering hard work is important, research has found that curiosity also has a very significant effect on a student’s performance.

Studies show travel and gaining insights into other cultures and geographies play an integral role in a student’s learning. When students travel to new places, whether they learn to ski in Japan or embark upon a voyage in an exotic country, it helps fostering children’s creativity and curiosity.

We hope that children of this generation will grow up into well-rounded individuals and appreciate the many things that are provided for them instead of studying machines. Thus, we believe that through our outdoor education program, students will be able to meet new friends, give back to society and together they can see, hear, and experience things that cannot be duplicated by learning from the textbooks.

We hope that by providing such opportunities, we can help with the first step to developing our students into successful and happy individuals.